Coping with Stress

Stress is the physical and mental tension you feel when you are faced with  the demands and pressures that come from school, work, family. It could also arise from unrealistic rules and  expectations that you impose on yourself, from your obligations and from excessive self-criticism.

The Stress reaction tells you that you are under pressure. When under stress the heart beats faster, muscles get tense; you sweat, your mouth may go dry.

Signs of Stress

  • You might have a change in appetite or develop a headache.
  • You may feel anxious or you may lose your temper at the slightest provocation.
  • You may feel listless and lose interest in your work.
  • You may feel tearful, nervous or scared beyond reason
  • You may be unable to make decisions or to concentrate on classes or other activities
  • You may experience high levels of irritability, including unruly, aggressive, violent behavior
  • You may sleep excessively
  • You may procrastinate

Stress cannot be eliminated but you can learn how to handle it effectively.

Dr Vinaya Prabha V Baligar