Paul Mitchel

Paul Mitchel

I will always be very grateful to her ( Dr Vinaya) for teaching me to get in touch with myself and be happy

I had tried a million diets and was not able to lose my weight. As a last resort I tried counseling. Initially I thought it was an expensive proposition but I convinced myself that I was worth it. I spent many sessions wondering why she was addressing everything except my weight. I went for one session a week and did the exercises which Vinaya told me to. 

Initially nothing happened. But slowly I started to feel alive. I realized that I was living a life that was not my story. It belonged to the dos and don’ts of the world. I started re- discovering myself through counseling.
In the process I was able to sustain my exercise as well as choose to eat healthy food. I never felt that I was sacrificing anything. As I felt alive my need for food decreased. I was able to make clearer decisions, because they came from my soul and not from the programming of my mind. Even today I am able to take better decisions because I have learned that what is best for me makes me feel happy. I learned to throw false burdens which I chose to carry, when I realized that the world has its own axis and I need not support it !
I check my happiness indicator to check for good decisions. Over the period of counseling for a year and a half my pay check doubled, I bought a car, I had more friends, I learned to live independently, and I lost 30 kilos.

My friends who had not seen me in a year said that I had changed for the better. They said that there was a confidence that I had an air of being happy and free.

I think that all of us must have this experience. It is one of the most thrilling adventures of one’s life to discover oneself and be able to have the freedom to choose to be happy.

I am not sure of whether Vinaya knows what she has done for me! Beauty can never appreciate itself. But I will always be very grateful to her for teaching me to get in touch with myself and be happy because when you just are, there is no other way to be. Thanks Vinaya.