I would like to thank Dr Vinaya Prabha for…. showing me various ways of generating enough amount of energy for myself in order to face the world and future with open arms. With her I understood what is true meaning of passion ,motivation ,and how important it is to befriend yourself first.

Talking to her was like learning to look at things(issues) with another dimension where many possibilities exist…. well things don’t end here…if I’m to write i may write this stuff forever…”

These past few months that I have visited you, a great many things have begun to make sense to me- my family, my experiences so far and perhaps more importantly, ME. I think now, finally, after all these years, I have begun to gather the courage to take a deeper, harder look at things and trust my own thoughts and instincts to understand them.

I realize I still have a long way to go and life seems to keep throwing up one challenge after another- but thanks to you, I now feel grateful for the challenges and quite optimistic about the future. .. I have discovered that I can be MYSELF…and still be accepted and even liked! I am comfortable with myself and now feel quite worthy as a person. I hope you realize that you have had a HUGE role to play in shaping the way I feel today…