Coaching is focused more on self empowerment than counseling and therapy which are more problem-focused.

Who is it for?

Coaching is for you if you would like to enhance your skills and performance at work, in relationships and life in general.

It is not suited for those who have clinically significant mental heath issues or abnormal levels of distress.

The Coaching Process

In coaching I will be focusing on your strengths and empowering you by equipping you with skills that will help you to perform at the top of your potential in business and in personal life. I will help identify and change beliefs and behavior which hold you back from realizing your potential.

Using scientifically validated techniques and theories of psychology,I will help to create the behavioral change you desire. I will assist you in determining and achieving your personal and life goals by helping you align your daily actions with your long-term goals.

Goals of Coaching

Through coaching I will help you realize your potential so that you can lead a more fulfilling life.

Time Frame

The normal coaching hour is around 60 minutes. Coaching sessions will be held once a week

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