Group Counseling / Therapy

Group counseling/therapy is a type of therapy which involves a group of 5-10 people who share similar issues. Group therapy is based on the belief that people benefit from shared experiences.

The focus of the session is on a specific issue shared by the group. For instance, the issue can be conflict management or coping with change or dealing with anxiety and so on.


I will be conducting and facilitating the session. Group sessions involve sharing of experiences, concerns and progress by the group members. Contribution of views and perspectives by the group members is valued. Judgement and retaliation are not allowed. Each member thus feels encouraged to participate and express his/her beliefs, thoughts and emotions.  

Time and duration

The group meets once a week. Each group session is for a duration of 60-80 minutes.


Group therapy provides a supportive environment where the members of the group can learn from each other’s experiences. It is reassuring to them to find that they are not alone and others too share the experiences that they are going through. Listening to others’ perspectives and how they overcame challenges, can be encouraging to members who are apprehensive of change.

Groups provide a safe, confidential space for the members to gain self-awareness and awareness of others and their coping mechanisms. This understanding facilitates quick and meaningful changes in the members of the group.

Group Counseling/therapy can be done online.

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