I was a completely distraught person, confused and disoriented at the happenings in my life…Today I am doing well not only in my job, but also in my relationships with near and dear ones

I was under pressure to perform in the office and there was even more pressure at home. There were pressures from all directions at all times of the day – unrelenting and threatening to break me into pieces.

I was struggling to cope with these pressures. I was not sure of myself, and was almost a withdrawn person. I was badly in need of some help. When i was looking for the help on the web, i found Dr.Vinaya Prabha’s website which said that help is available in the form of counseling – face to face or on-line or through e-mail. I was not sure what awaited me when i first called her. I decided to try and it was only the first session that i went reluctantly. I found her to be a genuine person, a highly qualified psychologist, and an experienced professional councellor. After the first session, i used to eagerly look forward for the counseling sessions.

She was very professional in helping me to open up and discuss what was happening in my mind, and how i chose to react to situations. She helped me understand myself better. I realised that i was in the centre of all that has happened in my life. It took about six months for me to feel that a new person has emerged out of me – much more confident in facing the world with much less internal drag of negative emotions. Surely, it has made significant positive effects on my work performance. Today i am doing well not only in my job, but also in my relationships with near and dear ones. At the end of it, i feel, it was a worth going through the counseling to become a new ME. I can now face the world better. Thanks, Doctor. ………