About the Counseling Process

Psychotherapy / Counseling

The terms “Counseling” and “Psychotherapy” are often interchangeable. Counseling can best be described as a “talking therapy.” It provides a platform for clients to vent their feelings, overcome emotional blockages and see things in perspective, all with the help of a trained professional. The change in the client’s perspective will translate into better functioning and utilization of their skills in every area of their life.

Who is it for?

Counseling/therapy is for anyone who is not able to deal with or unable to cope effectively with one or more of the following:

  • Work or home environment
  • Emotions
  • Pressures and stresses of life
  • Relationships
  •  Confidence issues

If one’s normal day to day functioning is being affected by problems in the above areas, then counseling is recommended.

However, if a client has a clinical problem which may require medication, for example, serious depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias or other serious conditions, he/she will have to consult a psychiatrist.

Goals of counseling

In general, it is to help:

  • Process emotions and clear emotional blockages
  • Acquire new coping skills, tools, techniques and perspectives
  • Enhance one’s self- awareness and self-understanding
  • Empower oneself
  • Increase one’s sense of well-being

Time frame for counseling

Therapy sessions will normally be held once a week except in a crisis when sessions could be scheduled more often. The normal therapy session is around 60 minutes. The total number of sessions required depends on the complexity of the problem and the commitment of the client


Confidentiality about the counseling sessions is maintained. However, this may not be possible in some instances, for example, when there is reasonable suspicion of abuse, neglect, homicide or other health and safety issues.

 My approach to Counseling / Therapy

In psychotherapy/counseling sessions I will work together with you on exploring and clarifying the various aspects of the problem that you are experiencing. I provide a safe and supportive atmosphere and use a highly personalized approach, tailored to help you acquire the techniques, new perceptions, behaviors, tools and skills to effectively manage your issues.

 In the first counseling session, I will inform you about the therapeutic methodology. We will mutually decide on the goals of therapy and when to terminate therapy. You may ask me for any additional information and clarifications.

In the counseling sessions, I will primarily be using evidence-based Cognitive therapy methods but in order to maximally help you, I may use treatment approaches from other therapies like that of:

 Person-centered therapy, Integrative therapy, Gestalt therapy, Existential therapy.

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