Face to Face Counseling / Therapy

Counseling can either be done in person (Face-to-face counseling ) or over the internet by using the webcam (online-counseling / teletherapy).

 Face-to-face counseling/therapy sessions take place when you personally visit me at the counseling venue.

In Face-to-face counseling, I help you explore the issue/problem that you would like to address. I use my training to observe and use your non-verbal communication-hand gestures, facial expressions, your body posture and other body cues, to understand you better and to arrive at a proper diagnosis.

In the first session, we will talk about the problem to be addressed and the goals that you wish to achieve by going through therapy. I will inform you about the therapy methodology that I will be using, while also offering additional information and clarifications that you may require. 

The subsequent counseling sessions will be held at the counseling venue. The sessions are usually held once a week.

I primarily use the Cognitive therapy methods. For an understanding of Cognitive therapy and its techniques, please visit the page Cognitive Therapy.

The methodology used and the counseling process in Face-to-face counseling, are similar to that of Online therapy.

Through the counseling/therapy sessions I will help you, the client, to develop better self- awareness and to acquire the necessary tools and skills to help you meet your counseling goals.

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